True Strength Isn't Always What it Seems
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Understand how a former Marine platoon leader overcame the wars she fought abroad and inside her own head and heart, redefined what it means to be strong, and how she began to heal.
My particular path - which I describe in WARRIOR - is probably different than yours or your loved one's, but I KNOW others will relate to the points along my journey.
Hello, my name is Dr. Theresa Larson.  I used to have bulimia. 

Having bulimia is like having any other addiction - alcohol, drugs, sex or a litany of others.  'Stopping' seems like a good idea, but brain and body chemistry make it incredibly hard to break the cycle long enough to stick.

It's also like having PTSD or other mental and emotional distress.  The fog that drives seemingly irrational behaviors and thoughts comes and goes based on triggers that are often unclear and deeply wired. 

I tried and tried for years to deal with it, secretly. 

When I told my family, they alternately worried for me and blamed me.  They just could not understand me. 

I was so desperate for a cure and for support, I was scared I'd do something drastic.

Sound familiar?

4 in 10 Americans know someone who struggles with alcohol or drug addiction.  The number of additional Americans that know someone with PTSD or an eating disorder is also shocking.

You may have struggled like me, or if you're like half of Americans, suspect someone else is struggling.  You may have tried to find or offer help. 

You may have talked with an addiction or mental health professional.

You may have confronted yourself, your friend or loved one.

You may be trying to be supportive, to somehow understand.

Has it helped?

In other words, can you look at yourself in the mirror with no judgment?  Do you have  confidence (and not just hope) that your loved one is in a good place for good?

The answers to those are usually a definitive NO.

The answers are NO because those are trick questions.  Having zero judgment or being completely 'healed' don't happen with addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, etc.

Back to your efforts - of course they have helped.  Just being there for yourself or a loved one helps.

My late father was a Catholic Priest for the last decade of his life. 

A widower since I was 10 years old, he witnessed all manner of sadness, illness, and death in his rural mountainous parish. 

"Just being there with compassion makes an enormous difference," he would tell me.

So what else can you do?

Use my story as inspiration for yourself or
that friend or loved one.
I've made my fair share of mistakes in this process and have stepped in plenty of you-know-what along the way, too.

That’s why this is NOT a How-to book.  It graphically illustrates the twists and turns I took to find a healthy place in my life.  What works for you or your loved one might be different.

But I believe what I have gone through will help motivate and inspire you and help your own understanding of the demons you or your loved ones face.

Be the one that turns someone onto a better path to health by finding the right source of inspiration and motivation...showing someone who is struggling an example of what a path to health looks like.  

The choice is yours. If you would like to pre-order a copy of the book, click the Order button below and get a story that will hopefully inspire a change in you, a friend, or loved one.

Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT

ANSWER:  WARRIOR is the memoir of how a former Marine platoon leader overcame the wars she fought abroad and inside her own head and heart, redefined what it means to be strong, and how she began to heal.

QUESTION:  Who is this book for?

ANSWER:  It's for anyone, but particularly for those who are struggling or know someone who is struggling.  Addiction, self-image, PTSD, eating disorders, abuse, loss - anyone who is seeking inspiration and motivation.  It's not a 'how-to' book, but a human story that will resonate with many.
QUESTION:  What is the 'Watch Option'

ANSWER:  I teamed up with a psychologist who specializes in anxiety, depression, and eating disorders to film a video series that provides deeper insight into the main themes that are presented in the book.

QUESTION:  If I order multiple books, what if I don't want the extra books?

ANSWER:  If you don’t need all of the books you buy, I have a few worthwhile organizations I would be happy to donate the remainder to  (libraries, veteran's groups, recovery centers, etc.) on your behalf.  Just email me at [email protected]
Dr. Theresa Larson @ 2018 - WARRIOR:  A Memoir
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