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Former female U.S. Marine platoon commander will change your beliefs about what true strength really is. 
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WARRIOR:  A Memoir
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Testimonial from Mike Burgener

Former Marine Captain, USAW Senior International Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Weightlifting

Marines are tough. Marines are hard core. Marines cannot fail. Warrior reveals the struggles that come along with this desire for perfection. Theresa shows that real strength happens when you summon the courage to conquer these addictive and doomed expectations. Theresa's willingness to share her journey makes her a true hero and one of the bravest Marines I know.

Testimonial from Dr. Eva Selhub, M.D.

Author of Your Health Destiny and The Love Response

I have always believed that being vulnerable does not imply weakness, but rather the courage to be authentic, to live as who you are, not as the person others expect you to be. Theresa Larson walks us through her journey to get to authenticity. She shows us what it means to be a warrior and anyone will identify with her struggles and learn from her, learn that they too can be resilient, healthy and a true warrior. Bravo Theresa Larson. A must read!
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